About Us

Welcome to xoBeauty, where timeless elegance
meets the vibrant spirit of self-expression. We are
a beauty product brand dedicated to empowering
women to embrace their unique beauty, while
promoting healthy and radiant skin. Founded by
actress, music artist, and media personality,
Joseline Hernandez, xoBeauty embodies her
mission of empowering women to feel confident
and beautiful in their own skin.
At xoBeauty, we believe that beauty is a reflection
of inner confidence and self-care. We are passionate
about creating products that not only enhance
your natural beauty but also nourish and care for
your skin. We understand that healthy, radiant skin
is the foundation of true beauty, and our carefully
curated collection of products is designed to help
you achieve just that. This is xoBeauty...where true
beauty is loving YOU.